Most recommended
tax advisors in Lithuania

Mantas Ranonis 
"Girteka" group
(Leading transport and logistics company in Lithuania and Europe)

"I would name MERITS as exceptionally qualified tax professionals. Excellent depth of expertise and ability to come up with non-standard solutions differentiates this team from other consultants."


Asta Baltušienė 
"Švyturys-Utenos alus"
(Leading beer and beverage manufacturer in Lithuania, Part of Carlsberg group)


"We have chosen MERITS for assistance with transfer pricing documentation. We have come to appreciate that MERITS is capable of making complex matters simple and understandable. This attribute is a sure sign of quality and competence."


Rimvydas Povilaitis 
AB "Audimas"
(Leading sports clothing manufacturer in Lithuania and Eastern Europe)


"We can always rely on MERITS to provide timely and understandable information as well as qualified advice on all matters concerning taxation. They deal with situations by coming up with insights and solutions that are backed up by strong arguments and comprehensive risk analysis."

Practice areas
Solutions to tax problems and legal representation

We provide assistance in managing significant tax risks and coming up with solutions to tax problems, inluding legal representation against tax authorities and other institutions. Any tax-related matter can be handled by our team with proper urgency and due care for clients.

Head of practice group: Gintaras Juškauskas
Experience in taxation: 25 years

Tax optimization of holding structure and supply chain

We provide assistance in setting up the most efficient holding and supply chain structure in Lithuania. With our assitance you will be able to achieve a competitive advantage through lower effective tax rate and increased business flexibility, while making sure that your structure is free from unwanted tax risks and other exposures.

Head of practice group: Andrius Kavoliūnas

Experience in taxation: 16 years

Strategic tax risk management

We provide helpdesk-type assistance in urgent tax matters as well as routine tax risk managment services, including tax reviews, transfer pricing justifications and other tax risk managment procedures. 

Head of practice group: Alma Kvederienė
Experience in taxation: 24 years

Tax training and continuous development of client personnel

We provide continuous subscription-based tax training services to over 1000 corporate customers in Lithuania. Our online e-learning platform Mokesčių SUFLERIS (Tax Prompter) is tailor-made for Chief Accountants with daily advice, regular live webinars and seminars, and huge online searchable knowledgebase.

Head of practice group: Rūta Zaikauskienė 
Experience in taxation: 21 years

UAB „MERITS“ J. Jasinskio g. 12, 01112 Vilnius, Lithuania. Company code: 301678932. VAT ID: LT100003987315.
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